Friday, April 25, 2014


I love reading books.  Mostly non-fiction books.  Any kind of non-fiction books.  I read this book called Running with Angels.  This book opened my eyes to a lot if things.  I really enjoyed it.  If you would love a good read and an inspirational story; this book is for you.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I've thought about this word a lot lately.  I have found myself pondering whether or not I was happy.  What is happiness?  How do we achieve this? I know how I can.  I know what I need to do and I have taken the 1st step in doing it.  I'll post more about this later.

Here are a few words to read:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Follwo-up appointment

I went to my follow-up apt today for my surgery.  Dr. Gibb is a wonderful doctor by the way, Abraham had to take me since I still was not able to drive.  It still hurts to turn my head and he didn't want me to get into an accident.  We waited in the waiting room and then went inside to talk to the doctor.  He checked my vocal cords to make sure they were alright, asked me if I had any problems swallowing.  I told him everything was good.  I had no problems.

As we were talking he said he would take off the tape.  He struggled a little to take it off but it came off. The look on Abraham's face said that it didn't look good.  I asked if everything was ok and Dr. Gibb said "yes, looks like it's healing nicely."  I was glad to hear that and he said he wanted to see me in one month for some blood work to determine if everything looked good and my dose of medicine was working.

I made the apt and we went on our way.  As we were walking to the truck I asked Abraham how my incision was and he was like, "you mean your wound?"  We got into the truck and I pulled down the visor and saw my "wound"; holy shit!! It's huge, and it looks bad.  If people didn't know I had surgery they would have thought someone tried to slit my throat.  Thank goodness that's not true, but people are quick to judge so I'll just explain if I have to.

Here is a picture of my "wound". It really does look worse that it feels.  I'm doing well and recovering well.  I can start my normal exercise next week.  Yay!! Makes me happy.

My wound as my son called it. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 21st.

On February 21st I had surgery to remove the right side of my thyroid.  The doctor had been keeping an eye on it for a while now and since it was not showing any signs of being "normal" it was decided by the both of us that it was best to take it out.  It had been growing and since the test had come back negative for cancer we thought it might still be a good idea to remove it just in case.

The surgery went fine and I was happy to hear that it was not cancer.  I am doing well and getting better and better as each day passes. I am happy that it wasn't more than my thyroid out of control but sad that now I am missing a part of me.  As weird as that may sound.  This was my first surgery and I am very happy to all the staff at UVRMC for taking very good care of me.

The first thing I asked the nurse when I came out of the anesthesia was....."how big is my cut?"  Yea, I was worried that I was going to look bad.  Well when I finally got to see the cut, it wasn't as bad as I thought and I was happy for that.

I must love Yoga because apparently all I could say when I was coming to was....Nemasta. hahaha....the side effects of anesthesia are funny!!

Yea, there it is.  My scar. 

Washington DC Trip

As promised I have the other pictures that I took.  I loved this part of my tour with my brother.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr. 

Art that was on our way to the Museum and the memorials. 

I call these guys the Ghost Soldiers

Ghost Soldiers

Petrified wood before we entered the Museum

Freedom Wall

State Capital

White House

Vietnam Memorial Wall

Washington D.C.

My trip to visit my brother was great.  I hadn't seen my brother for a while and it was nice to spend some time with him. He took me on a tour around DC and I took some pictures.  The weather was cold and I did wish it would have been a bit more cloudy but I was having fun just the same.

Here are a few of the pictures that I took.

Arlington Cemetary

John F. Kennedy. If you look close you can see an Orbe close to the fire

Guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier

 Marine Memorial
I love the detail that the statues have

This was the sunrise I got to see on my way home from D.C. It was a great trip and I am happy that I got to see my brother.  

I'll be posting more pictures a little later.