Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm going to admit something.....I recently started running.  I have not ever been a runner.  Not really liked it EVER!! I used to run in high school but only because the teacher MADE us!  I remember running with my friend Nicole and she thought I was fast.....yea right! 

Well my brother ran his first Marathon on Saturday April 16, 2011, He is awesome.  I ran my first 5k on Saturday April 23, 2011.  I LOVED IT!! I must admit, I really enjoyed it.  I signed up for this 5k way, way before because a friend of mine wanted me to run and support breast cancer.  I thought I can run 3.2 miles......I'll train hard........I'll get good time.........well I have NEVER ran 3.2 miles.......I DIDN'T train........and I thought I did pretty well on my time.  

I told my husband and kids the night before about my 5k.  My husband looked at me with this weird blank stare, my son was like "OH SNAP" (maybe that's not what he said but close), and Lala was like WAY TO GO MOM!! 

My husband started to say how I hadn't been running and that a "5k was 3.2 MILES YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT?!!?"  I told him calmly that he could either come watch me run or that he could stay home, I told him it was something that I wanted to do and he could either come support me or not.  He didn't say one negative word after that.  

Abraham chimed in and said that it would take me about 45min to finish, then Javier said I give her an hour, Lala just looked and them and shook her head.  Javier, my faithful husband, said to Abraham, "I'll bet you $100 that mom finishes in 1hr."  Abraham was like NO because I don't have money, well dad then said, If I win you have to cut the grass ALL SUMMER, no questions asked, and Abraham asked what do I get if I win? says I'll give you the $100.  

I've never seen more competition in my life, 1st of all there was no way I was going to finish these 3.2 miles in an hour, that was not my goal that I had set.  2nd, I was not about to let my husband win this bet.....3rd I wanted to show both Javier and Abraham that I could finish in LESS time than what they had both bet on.  

THE RACE IS ON!! I was dedicated to kick butt and not psych myself out so that I could finish in less time. 

Well the next morning I got up early, ate a banana for breakfast and put my kids in the car and headed to Alpine, Javier would meet us later. I had to be there at 7:15 am to pick up my packet and bib, last chance for that was at 7:45 am.  I couldn't find the place and I was seriously about to cry because I wanted to prove my husband and son wrong.  FINALLY after asking a bunch of people for directions I made it, 7:45 am baby, talk about cutting it close!!! 

I got my bib on and started to warm up........I loaded the bus at 8am and off I went.........the gun popped at 9am for us to start and I was off!!!

I made it to the finish line at 35 minutes 35 seconds!!!! I BEAT THE BOYS TIME!! 

I have never been so excited to finish a race let alone RUN A RACE!! I had such a great time that I have kept up my running and plan to run a 1/2 marathon before Halloween!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Lala

Today I thank God that I have such a beautiful daughter.

Laura was born at 10:45am on a Sunday morning.  The morning was as beautiful as she is.  She was in a hurry to be born.  We rushed down the freeway from Payson to Provo, that's where I was scheduled to deliver.  My water broke on the way to the hospital and when we arrived, I was hauled into a room, looked at by the nurses who freaked out!!  She was crowning and I was ready to push! My doctor, Dr. Wes Wylie didn't make it to the delivery.  I had a midwife come in and then leave, then got a doctor to come in and deliver.  My doctor was very disappointed, he said it was the 7th delivery that he had missed. :0(

None the less Laura Y. Zambrano was born.  A healthy 6lbs. 2 oz. She was the most beautiful baby girl that I had ever seen.  She didn't cry very much and was quiet she looked at her daddy and just stared.  Javier was crying because he really wanted a girl.  He was glad to have his son but I think the fact that he wanted and got a girl, completed him.

We were a very happy little family of 4.  I was glad that she was healthy and she latched on to feed with no difficulty.

When Abraham came in to see her; he was glad to see a girl.  He is a very protective big brother till the day.
I love the fact that my kids get along and that they love each other so much.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with such a beautiful baby girl!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lessons Learned

Saturday; we took Abraham for a drive. He needs the experience so we let him drive us. Abraham was in the driver's seat, Javier was the navigator so he was in the passenger's seat, Lala and I were in the back seat.  We drove around Spanish Fork for a while and then decided to get on the freeway and head North.

Abraham, mind you, was doing a great job. His dad told him to get on the freeway so he did.  As he was merging on; the semi traveling in the same lane could not move over.  He decided to honk his horn.  Now I was a little freaked out that Abraham wouldn't know what to do but he kept calm, slowed down, let the semi pass then gunned it.  As soon as our little scare was over; I laughed.  SOME people laugh after they get the shit scared out of them!!  I'm one of those people.  I told him he did a great job in not freaking out.  Javier chimed in and said WE ALL did a good job in not FREAKING OUT!!

I love these little stories that we tell.  I think that later on in life when my kids get older; they can share this blog with their kids.  Abraham drove us where we needed to go and we all made it home safe and sound.

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One more Stepping Stone

My son, Abraham,  turned 15 on March 23, 2011.  I thank God everyday for letting me spend one more day with my son, I know parents that have lost their kids and it just can't see my life without him, or my Lala for that fact.  Yesterday I took him to get his learners permit.  He was so excited.  I sent out a text to my brother's and my dad and let them know where we were.  They all sent back text as to how excited they were and asked me what happened to the little boy with diapers?  I'm asking myself the same question. Of course me being the sentimental mom I am I cried, not during the drive up the the DLD or the wait in the waiting room, but after we got home and saw how excited he was and how much my baby boy was growing up and I just lost it.  I was sobbing for a good while.  I had to go into work later that evening and I decided to take a nap, after the nap I was fine.

We did sit down and talk to him about being a responsible driver and not being influenced too much with what his friends say or tell him to do.  We gave him plenty of examples and his dad told him that we would be terribly sad if something happened to him.  Javier also talked to Abraham about the consequences of hurting someone and how he would feel about it, he told him it wasn't something that he wanted him to live with. We always want the best for our kids, I'm just glad that we are a pretty open family and my kids can talk to us about ANYTHING........Did I mention that I let Abraham drive home ON THE FREEWAY!!  He did a great job, I was a proud mama!! After a while he asked if he could give me a ride anywhere, anywhere I wanted to go!  What a sweetheart....lets see what he says when he actually gets his licence.

It was a long day, I was glad that it was over, one more stepping stone for my baby boy.....oh the joys of watching my kids grow up.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Takin it one day at a time.....

Since the Dr. told me that I couldn't be on Chocolate I have been craving it more than ever!!  Ironically yesterday I had ONE small piece of it and it just didn't taste very good!!  I know right!! I'm just as confused as you are.

Other than eating habits have improved.  My boss' wife has a blog... It's a very good blog on Vegan food. I'm not completely vegan but some of the foods that I have tried from them are so delicious! I just can't part ways with my meat, eggs, cheese, butter etc.. you get the point, but I love the recipes that they have. Give the blog a look see and try the Lime Soup!!  It's delicious!!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm Catholic and Lent is something that my kids and I participate in every year. I explain to the kids the sacrifices that Jesus made for us and how he gave his life for us.  We have family discussions on it and how we can become better people.  I enjoy our talks, A LOT!

I started this blog mainly because when Lent started, my son Abraham, decided he would give up texting and give up facebook.  You all know as well as I do that technology today is key in everything. Every part of my teenagers life deals with technology.  He teaches himself to play songs off his phone that connects him to the internet......see what I mean.

Well in our quest to find things that we could do without for the 40 days of Lent I decided to get on board and leave my facebook friends for the duration of Lent.  I didn't leave the texting because believe it or not it is sometimes required at work.  If the attorney's are in court I must text to ask questions, so with that said I left facebook.

As the days wind down and the month goes by I miss my facebook family.  I want to see what has been going on, what kind of crazy things my friends have been up to and for them to see what things I have been up to.  With that said I think how sad it is that we have resorted to see how friends and family are doing through the internet.  What happened to visiting in the evenings, spending time with family and friends on the weekend? Why do we have to be so sheltered and secluded?

Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend was great. We had my dad over for dinner since my mom is not home with him.  We had some carne asada, fresh made tortillas, salsa and potato salad.  It was a great Sunday dinner.  My dad love pineapple upside down cake so I made him some for dessert. He was a happy camper as were we.

Today I went to my follow-up appointment with my doctor for my thyroid.  Turns out I have Hashimoto's Disease.  I know I didn't spell that right but that's not the point. The point is that my body is fighting my thyroid because it thinks it's a foreign thing.  Sucks a lot! Dr. told me that I have to stay away from chocolate, CHOCOLATE! does she not know it's my favorite thing in the WHOLE world!!  She does because she's a chocoholic too.  She said it took her like 6 months to finally get ride of the craving so today, April 4, 2011.  I am going to let my chocolate addiction go.  :(

I was also told by my doctor that I need to lose 15lbs and need to eat less carbs.  OMG!!  I gotta get some better eating habits. I have started and am very proud of myself but I have to get my act together.  I am going to be better at going to the gym, especially since I will be running a 5k soon!

I'm excited to start these new changes.  I hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm a big prankster! I love to play jokes on people, especially on April Fools Day.
Today I didn't do anything because my kids are so used to the 1st day of April that I decided to leave them alone this year.

Well to my daughter Laura played a prank on me.  We went to bed early last night because my son and I had a very good workout the day before and I was really tired.  This morning as I was making my husband's coffee I went to grab the milk and we had 1 pink milk, 1 blue milk, and 1 green milk!

I laughed and thought to myself.....YES, I taught her well!!  :0)

APRIL FOOLS DAY EVERYONE! Keep your eyes open!

I haven't figured out how to upload pictures so I'll let you use your imagination on what the gallons looked like.