Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm Catholic and Lent is something that my kids and I participate in every year. I explain to the kids the sacrifices that Jesus made for us and how he gave his life for us.  We have family discussions on it and how we can become better people.  I enjoy our talks, A LOT!

I started this blog mainly because when Lent started, my son Abraham, decided he would give up texting and give up facebook.  You all know as well as I do that technology today is key in everything. Every part of my teenagers life deals with technology.  He teaches himself to play songs off his phone that connects him to the internet......see what I mean.

Well in our quest to find things that we could do without for the 40 days of Lent I decided to get on board and leave my facebook friends for the duration of Lent.  I didn't leave the texting because believe it or not it is sometimes required at work.  If the attorney's are in court I must text to ask questions, so with that said I left facebook.

As the days wind down and the month goes by I miss my facebook family.  I want to see what has been going on, what kind of crazy things my friends have been up to and for them to see what things I have been up to.  With that said I think how sad it is that we have resorted to see how friends and family are doing through the internet.  What happened to visiting in the evenings, spending time with family and friends on the weekend? Why do we have to be so sheltered and secluded?

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