Thursday, April 7, 2011

One more Stepping Stone

My son, Abraham,  turned 15 on March 23, 2011.  I thank God everyday for letting me spend one more day with my son, I know parents that have lost their kids and it just can't see my life without him, or my Lala for that fact.  Yesterday I took him to get his learners permit.  He was so excited.  I sent out a text to my brother's and my dad and let them know where we were.  They all sent back text as to how excited they were and asked me what happened to the little boy with diapers?  I'm asking myself the same question. Of course me being the sentimental mom I am I cried, not during the drive up the the DLD or the wait in the waiting room, but after we got home and saw how excited he was and how much my baby boy was growing up and I just lost it.  I was sobbing for a good while.  I had to go into work later that evening and I decided to take a nap, after the nap I was fine.

We did sit down and talk to him about being a responsible driver and not being influenced too much with what his friends say or tell him to do.  We gave him plenty of examples and his dad told him that we would be terribly sad if something happened to him.  Javier also talked to Abraham about the consequences of hurting someone and how he would feel about it, he told him it wasn't something that he wanted him to live with. We always want the best for our kids, I'm just glad that we are a pretty open family and my kids can talk to us about ANYTHING........Did I mention that I let Abraham drive home ON THE FREEWAY!!  He did a great job, I was a proud mama!! After a while he asked if he could give me a ride anywhere, anywhere I wanted to go!  What a sweetheart....lets see what he says when he actually gets his licence.

It was a long day, I was glad that it was over, one more stepping stone for my baby boy.....oh the joys of watching my kids grow up.


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