Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Follwo-up appointment

I went to my follow-up apt today for my surgery.  Dr. Gibb is a wonderful doctor by the way, Abraham had to take me since I still was not able to drive.  It still hurts to turn my head and he didn't want me to get into an accident.  We waited in the waiting room and then went inside to talk to the doctor.  He checked my vocal cords to make sure they were alright, asked me if I had any problems swallowing.  I told him everything was good.  I had no problems.

As we were talking he said he would take off the tape.  He struggled a little to take it off but it came off. The look on Abraham's face said that it didn't look good.  I asked if everything was ok and Dr. Gibb said "yes, looks like it's healing nicely."  I was glad to hear that and he said he wanted to see me in one month for some blood work to determine if everything looked good and my dose of medicine was working.

I made the apt and we went on our way.  As we were walking to the truck I asked Abraham how my incision was and he was like, "you mean your wound?"  We got into the truck and I pulled down the visor and saw my "wound"; holy shit!! It's huge, and it looks bad.  If people didn't know I had surgery they would have thought someone tried to slit my throat.  Thank goodness that's not true, but people are quick to judge so I'll just explain if I have to.

Here is a picture of my "wound". It really does look worse that it feels.  I'm doing well and recovering well.  I can start my normal exercise next week.  Yay!! Makes me happy.

My wound as my son called it. :)

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