Friday, December 23, 2011


As the Holidays approach us, I am really not too much in the holiday mood.  Its not that I don't love Christmas but I think I'm just not enjoying how much huha people make about gift giving around Christmas.  It seems some people have forgoten what Christmas is all about.

We have always raised our kids to know the true meaning of Christmas.  It sure as hell isn't SANTA.
We have tought our kids that at Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  That we are truely blessed for all that he has given us.  We don't celebrate the gifts that we get or how much we get or how much they are worth.  We teach them that it's important to gather with family and friends and enjoy their company.  I think that is the most important thing. 

I am truely not enjoying too much of the holidays this season and not because I'm being a scrooge, well maybe partly, but because my parents are in Mexico enjoying the festivities there and we are here, and he fact that I am working graveyards doesn't help at all.  My brother's won't be down either because I'll be working and maybe that is a big reason as to why I am not feeling chipper about the holidays. 

My family will be spending Christmas Eve day with me, part of it anyways because I have to sleep, and the other part with my sister-in-law, who I love to death.  I am very sad that I won't be at the festivities but am glad that they will have somewhere to go. Javier amd the kids asked me to please make him 2 food items so that we could enjoy Christmas Eve together and then eat up some more Christmas morning.  He said he would love it if I could make "capirotada" and "ponche." 

I went to the store today and bought the ingredients that we would need to make these.  I will definetly post some pics of these delicious treats. They are a big tradition in Mexico.  Ponche is a hot drink, kinda like a fruit tea.  Kids and adults love this drink.  Adults more so because they can put a little something into it and be EXTRA happy. :0) Usually tequila.  Capirotada is a tradition usually during Lent but because it is so good and we all love it we have made it a tradition in our house to have it during Christmas. 

Javier decided that he wanted some tamales for Christmas and well I guess I will not be getting too much sleep Friday before Christmas Eve so that I can make him his tamales.  I gotta keep my man happy. :)  I love to cook and just because I'm working graves doesn't mean I will neglect my family, not on Christmas.  Not EVER!!

So my friends if I don't seem as chipper this holiday season you will know why, but I still love Christmas and love the fact that we are blessed to live another day and have that day to spend with Family.  May you all have a wonderful holiday in company with family and friends.  God Bless you all and may you all have a prosperous New Year!!


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