Sunday, December 25, 2011


This shift is going to be the longest shift of my life.  The fact that it's Christmas and that I am working is hard, but to be away from my family when that clock strikes midnight will be even harder.  I won't be there to hug my kids and won't be there to hug my hubbie or his family.  Traditionaly we are always together.  This year they will be together and I will be at work. 

I did get a surprise visit from my hubbie and my kids.  They stopped by my work on their way back from my sister-in-law's house.  They came over to give me our traditional hug on Christmas.  It was a very pleasant surprise and I loved it and love them for it.

This year I am truely blessed to have my family with me, to have such great friends and to be healthy.  I wouldn't change anything. 

FELIZ NAVIDAD A TODOS, que Dios los bendiga y les de mucha paz, salud y amor.


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