Thursday, September 29, 2011

Permanent Cosmetics

Yesterday; I got off my graves.  Slept for 1 hr.  Took the kids to school.  Drove to my mom's house and slept for another hour. 

I got to my mom's house about 7:45am.  I asked her to let me sleep until 9 and then we could go.  I told her that her appointment wasn't until 10.  My friend Belen and I were at the Women's Expo in Orem not too long ago and saw they had a special.  If we booked that day they would give us whatever we were having done at 1/2 off.  I couldn't resist and signed my mom up for her lashes. I thought it would be a safer alternative than getting her eyes tattooed. 

See my mom has wanted to get her eyeliner tattooed for a while now and had been calling some ladies that were referred to her, with no response.  I had taken her to the iBar 2 weeks ago to get her lashes done but while we were there she decided that she watned to get her eyeliner tattooed instead.  She had wanted this for a while but since she had been sick she decided to hold off until she felt better.

I took some pictures of the before and after and she looked great!! I was so happy to see the expression on my mom's face after she got the procedure done.  It was like a little kid that just got the toy that they had hoped for Christmas.  I love to see my mom happy and to see how happy she was to get this done was great. 

My mom looks beautiful with or without the tattoo but I think it is more of a self esteem thing for her.  She likes to feel good about herself and I love to help her do it, even if it does cause a little bit of pain.  The end result was well worth it.

I will post some pics soon. 
Mami, la quiero mucho y se le ven los ojos bien bonitos!!

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