Monday, March 21, 2011

Nuclear Radiation Rain?

First of all I hope you all had a great weekend!  With that said; my husband came home on Friday and let us in on what he had heard on the news.  He said that all the Nuclear Radiation stuff that was in Japan would be heading our way soon.  Of course I was a little confused.  He explained that some of the radiation had gotten into the clouds and was going to be falling in the form of rain.  I turned to my kids and said "don't worry, things will be ok." Just as I was saying this my daughter began to cry, UNCONTROLLABLY, she started saying how she didn't want to be outside and didn't want to die early, she didn't want to get cancer....etc.  How do you calm down a girl who is totally nervous about this whole thing.

My husband throughout this has this grin on his face.  I just looked at him and shook my head, I hugged her and gave her my little pink cross necklace and told her that it would keep her safe.  She felt a lot better after that.

I was really upset with my husband and told him that he needed to watch what he said because our little Lala is a big worry wort and I don't want her to get an ulcer at such an early age.  He did talk to Lala and said that he was sorry to worry her and told her that she didn't have to worry about that.

The things our kids worry about......

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