Saturday, February 25, 2012

Angry Birds

My husband is obsessed with this drives me crazy!! I don't mind the fact that he plays it.  I mind that he plays it when I want to cuddle or talk or watch a movie or eating dinner.  I think its fine that he plays it but seriously, last night we were watching a movie and he pulls out his phone and started playing this game, he plays it with the volume on high and I can hear everything. Now I don't care if he plays it but turn the volume down!  I was a little upset about it. 

I guess it really bothers me because when we are together sitting in bed watching TV, it used to upset him that I text or read a book, or that I crochet while he was watching his program or we were talking; so naturally it bugs me because he was always on my case about what I do.  He said it was distracting and that he felt like I didn't care.  Well we came to an agreement that if we were spending time together we would just spend time together, no electronic gadgets of any sort.  If we watch a movie, we watch a movie; if we talk, we talk; if its a program he's watching on TV then I told him that if I didn't like what he was watching I would crochet or read.  Agreed, problem solved no more problems.

I guess now I just sit back and laugh because its funny how he gets upset when he can't pass a level or how excited he gets when he does.  He says its a game of skill, you have to know how to knock down the pilars to kill the most pigs...I don't get it and didn't like it when I played it but he LOVES it.

This is what one level looks like...

Knock down the pilars and kill those pigs. 

Have a great Saturday everyone!!


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