Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Traffic violations when dropping off kids at school

I'm the worst offender of this.  I find it rather funny how parents when they drop off their kids at school violate all traffic laws.  They park in the oddest places, make U turns like there is no one else coming and veer out in front of other cars.

Every morning it's the same routine.  I take my daughter and her friend to school. We get close to the school and I make a mad dash to park right in front of the door they like to go in.  While I do this another car makes a mad dash out of the parking place and I nearly run into it.  I guess they figure I'm going to park there, but what if I don't???

I still chuckle every time I see this and I laugh out loud because I do the same things.  I can at least say that I do turn on my blinker when I'm coming in and out of my parking to drop off the girls.

If you have never noticed this because you don't drop off kids at school, I would invite you to watch some time.  It's a very funny sight to see.

Ceci  :)

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