Monday, October 17, 2011

Adventures in Photography

I have to say that I LOVE my new camera.  I love the fact that I got to take a free photography class by a good friend and I love that I am a little better at taking pictures.  Now I get to experiment with taking pictures of people.  I can't wait.  I enjoy photography as much as I enjoy crafting, sewing and crotcheting. It's such a beautiful interpretation of art and with photography, like any other art, you cannot go wrong.  I went out this weekend with Javier and took some pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites that I took.

This is up Spanish Fork Canyon

Spanish Fork Canyon

We took Missy the lab up with us so that she could run around and be free for a little while.  She runs a lot in our back yard but it's just not the same.  I love to see her running free up the hills of the canyon.  I snapped a few shots of her running around and resting.  She was so exhausted when we got home but that's ok because that way she gets all that crazy energy out of her system. 

I think she must have seen or heard something because she was very attentive for a few minutes. 

Missy started to get tired since she had been running around like crazy, we decided to rest for a bit and give Missy some water.  Have you ever tried to give a lab water from the palm of your hand?  Well it's not easy.  She wanted to drink straight from the water.  We did designate a bottle of water just for her but it wasn't easy giving her a drink of water.  Here is Javier's attempt at giving her some water.  I thought it was very funny. :) 
Ummmm didn't go so well, but we tried. 

Well we he had fun trying to get her to drink, she on the other hand still looks thirsty.  Poor dog, just drink from the palm of his had silly!!
Missy decided that she wanted to rest a bit more.  I got this really cool shot of her. I think she looks great. 

We drove around a bit more, I had seen the river pass through and I wanted to go get some pictures there.  We put Missy in the back of the truck and headed down.  I got some good pictures and Missy finally got a much needed drink of water.  

such beautiful scenery. 

some cotton plants or something, don't really know but it was so cool to see.

Here's Missy, getting her drink of water


Missy paw in mud

Missy paw in water.

On our way home I took a few more shots.  I really like the whole feel of nature.  It's so beautiful just to get out and relax. 
yea, you can see that I took this while we were driving but it's so beautiful

I couldn't resist.

Our house from the back.  I just couldn't resist. :)
I hope that you enjoy my pictures and enjoy reading my blog.  As I get better with photography I will post more pictures.  I hope that you will leave a comment to let me know how I am doing.  
Have a great day!! 

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