Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've been thinking a lot lately about friends. My daughter is sad right now because she and her friend are not talking. It's really sad actually. They have been friends for such a long time.  I won't go into any details about her life but I just hope that they can reconnect.  I know that she will have other friends in her life.  Maybe even greater friends but in this stage of her life she has her, and she is really sad that she can't talk to her the way she did before. I give her as much advise as I can because I have been in situations where I have lost friends along the way in my life. 

I started to think back to high school.  The people that I knew; the friends that I had and how we no longer talk.  I guess that's life. I don't regret anything that I have done.  Who I was friends with because every second I was with my friends I enjoyed it.  Had great times.  Learned new things.  Experienced life.

I do however wish some days that I had a sister.  Sisters are a girls BEST FRIEND! Too bad I wasn't blessed with one.  I have 3 wonderful brothers but it's just not the same.  A sister you can talk to about anything.  I mean ANYTHING!! I didn't give my daughter a sister nor my son a brother and I hope that they can find a friend that will be there for them.

Friends come from all walks of life; trips that one takes. Places one visits or people you work with.  I have a friend who lives in Vegas.  She is like my sister.  She knows a lot about me and even though we don't talk all the time.  She lives in my heart always.  We used to work together a long time ago.  We bonded and I love that girl so much.  Everytime she visits it's great.  We try and hang out together and catch up.  She's is great! She knows my secrets and I know that I can trust her with anything. I know that she won't say anything and if she does I accept anything she might have to say, any advise she might have.  I don't have to take it but I listen.

I think true friends hard to come by.  So I am blessed to have a few that I can truely call great friends. 

My daughter misses talking to her friend.  I hope that they can get back to being friends.  I know that right now it's the age where some girls don't understand that it's ok to have many friends. 

The most important friends are the ones that you can call and cry with.  The ones that no matter what time it is you can call and tell exciting or sad news to, call them at 7am crying and have them talk you through shit that's going on.  They don't mind they just want to hear from you.  I love friends like that.

I thank God evreyday for all my friends and always ask him to take care of all of them. 


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