Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The simple things in life make me happy

Today I woke up to a quiet house.  I love a quiet house but I miss it being noisy.  I miss Abraham playing his guitar and singing.  I miss Lala turning up the radio and singing along to her favorite songs. 

When I was growing up I alway had music on ALWAYS! My dad is not much of a music person and I think I get it from my mom because ever since I can remember she has always had the radio on when doing house chores, cooking, crafting etc.  She has always listenend to music. 

I remember riding in the car and it being so quiet! I never liked that and always told my dad to "TURN UP THE MUSIC"  He thought that it was cute and would turn the radio on.  We always listenend to Spanish music.  My mom loved her English music too.  I remember she would listen to the Beatles, Kenny Rogers, Air Supply and many others. 

Yesterday I decided it was time for me to buy a radio so that I could put it on top of the fridge so that I could have my sanity back.  I enjoy listening to music, ALL music.  I am not predjudicial at all when it comes to music.  If it has a rhythim and you can dance to it; I'm all for listening to it!!! I installed the radio and couldn't wait to try it out.

I turned on the radio found a station and sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed the joyous sounds that were coming out of that small little black box.  Oh the simple things in life make me so happy!! 
I think that if there were a day that there was no music; I would die of depression.  I think music makes things come to life.  Makes a house a happy home, makes a party a party, makes it so that when you have chores or things to do you can do them and do them with style!!  :)  hahahaha  I mean style because who hasn't danced with the broom while cleanin, who hasn't danced with the mop, who hasn't experienced the euphoria of the music running through your vains and making you feel so ALIVE!

With this post I am going to include my son playing his guitar.  He might just die because I am putting it up and has told me to NEVER and I quote NEVER share his music with the world but why wouldn't you want to make someone elses day by playing a beautiful song.  You never know.......this one little gesture might change the way someone thinks and helps them take that step towards HAPPINESS!!

So next time you see me and I'm rockin out in my car or you drive by and happen to look in my window and I'm dancing; you will know that the simple little things like music make me very happy!!

Have a great day......I leave you with this short clip............I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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