Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What makes you think you're any better?

Why are there people that think they are better than everyone else.  You know these people.  They make everyone else feel like shit so that they can get some sort of sick pleasure out of it.  These people that do and say things to put you down...well I know of one person and I'm going to talk about him tonight. 

He has this facade that he is such a great person but deep inside his soul he is a monster.  He treats everyone at work like shit.  He speaks to people about his workers like they were animals.  He yells at them and says "that's the way you have to talk to these people."  THESE PEOPLE!! Who the hell does he think he is? What kind of people does he think he is?  Calling them stupid for simple mistakes that you and I would make.  Instead of speaking to them like human being he speaks to them like they were animals.  Why?  I don't know why, I just think it's because he is an ugly person.

It's crazy! I just don't understand why he thinks he's any better.  He used to be a regular joe shmo! well until he formed his own company.  Now he thinks he is "the man."  I have nothing agains people who want to progress, I think that's such a wonderful thing to do.  I just don't like it when they start thinking they are better than everyone else. I think that he has just gotten greedy.  He thinks that he has to work his 2 guys to death so that he can get more money.  He doesn't really have any respect for his co-workers. 

At work he is swearing dropping the F-bomb and calling everyone stupid and just belittling everyone he comes in contact with, but he goes to church every Sunday and pays his tithing and pretends to be this great person. What a hypocrit!!

If there is something that I can't stand more than anything is FAKE ASS PEOPLE!!
There are times  that I just want to say things to him but I bite my tounge out of respect for my husband.  I could tell him off and be just as big a jerk as he is but I think about it and say to myself.  "don't swoop to his level, it's not worth it."  I just hope that one day he realizes that what he is doing is wrong.  I hope that with all the times he goes to church something sparks him inside and makes him change the way he is. 

"Poor unfortunate soul..."  From the Little Mermaid Movie, its the 1st thing that popped into my head.



  1. Ceci, I jumped at the chance to read this; I loved the title when I saw it on facebook ;)
    What I've found is that there are people who, as you say, have to put others down in order to feel adequate themselves. And who knows where it comes from; perhaps they never measured up to their father's unrealistic expectations or something else.
    As far as them going to church on Sunday and then acting like a total douchebag...I have soooooo much to say about this kind of person. Simply put though, he just doesn't "get it." What I mean is, there are people who feel sort of justified by God by going through the motions, checking off their weekly list of saying their prayers, going to church, paying their tithing, reading their scriptures, etc...yet, never knowing why they do these things; never seeking understanding about any of it. They simply do what they're told and feel like they're good to go. However, just like the guy at work, some of them never "get it." They never understand or come to realize the really important things like "loving your neighbor."
    Anyway, I feel ya. GREAT post. And good for you for staying above the fray at work. Don't cast your pearls before swine, as the scripture goes.

  2. WEll Said Wade. I honestly don't think he "gets it" I don't think that he "listens" when he goes to church....he doesn't "read" what he is reading and that makes me sad. He just doesn't understand how bad he makes others feel.